What DVG Web Design Do

As we are all still in training in the web design industry, we currently are looking to offer our services to small companies and local tradesmen. This is not because we think they're only local companies and who cares what they think of our abilities, but quite the opposite.

Since we are still training, feedback is incredibly important to us. We like to work closely with you and we take the time to look at each site differently, to discuss the needs of the company and their targeted audience. We don't just run your company through a set template which we can download and give you a prefabricated site which we hope you'll be happy with. We personalise each site specifically to your needs. We start from very scratch, the equivalent of a blank piece of paper and manually build the site by hand. This is what we believe real web site designing is about and where real skill shows.

We hope to be able to completely satisfy our customers on every level and we strive to do so.