About Us

A Little About DVG Web Design

We are enthusiastic computer whizzes that are in the process of setting up friends websites and broadening our knowledge of how the internet and websites work. We seem to be getting fantastic results from our website design and building which ourselves and, more importantly, our friends are impressed with.

We've all done basic college courses in web design and/or computing and have spent the last few years learning from personal research and trial and error work.

Due to the success we have had, we are mulling over the idea of starting up a small business in web design, until then, we hope to complete a few more project sites sites.

We have really enjoyed working on our past few projects and hope to carry on having fun with what we are doing. With every website we complete, we gain more inspiration and enthusiasm for our work which keeps us fresh and open minded.

If you'd like a little more information about our staff, please click the links to your right.