Madelene Howard

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Maddie Howard and head of Research and Administration and co-owner of DVG Webdesign. I'm 21 years old and I was born in Chichester, West Sussex but am now living in Cornwall.

What I do?

I am head of research and admin. It means I spend time researching a clients needs, finding out what they require and what it is they are after. I put together the info the other team members need, in order to build the websites we do. I help James in planning the end result of the website design. The visual ideas I get from the clients get polished off by myself and James, before he starts building. I also gather together the text and/or pictures and any additional information needed from clients and sort through them, ready for James to add them to the websites he builds.

My experience?

In the past I have half completed an iMedia course at a local college, I learnt
a lot about the planning stages of webdesigning, techniques on how to research
into what clients need, communication skills required to talk to clients and
other computer skills. Due to unforseen circumstances I had to end my course
half way through but have been self teaching ever since and am fully confident
in the things I do with James.

Contact me?

Of course, my email address is or alternatively there are other contact details for us on the Contact page.